Pantheone I - Black

Crafted Immersive Sound System

The biggest Alexa speaker is an innovative piece of art, crafted to create sonic brilliant with 360° sound. Our eponymous, award-winning Pantheone I speaker, is fitted with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AUX and Bluetooth functionalities to effortlessly blend into your life.


State-of-Art Acoustic Engineering.

State-of-the-art acoustic engineering allows the Pantheone I to achieve superior sound quality. Sitting in a dedicated bass reflex chamber at the foot of the Pantheone I speaker lives two subwoofer drivers – these drivers are designed with long-throw voice coil for high excursion capabilities and provide a very deep bass. The top left and right sides of the speakers have a single high-quality midrange driver and two Hi-Fi silk dome tweeters. This ensures a high-precision sound with clear and detailed high frequencies and an optimised 360-degree listening experience.


A 360°


Unique Sound Experience.

The perfect harmony between innovation, craftsmanship, and extraordinary sound. The Pantheone I’s innovative shape creates an exceptional, 360° experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the future of sound.


Form & Function

Acoustic Masterpiece Crafted By Artistic Expression.

Inspired by the architectural masterpiece of the Oculus within the Pantheon dome in Rome, the speaker was created to balance both its appearance and sound quality. Built around a one-of-a-kind, fully molded resin cabinet. This high-density material ensures there are no junction part lines. The product's innovative curved shape and surface provide exceptional rigidity and robustness, which helps to enhance internal acoustic wave management.



Embrace Peacefully.

Featuring compatibility with Apple Music, Spotify, and Alexa, you can effortlessly stream your favorite music across multiple speakers simultaneously. Enjoy a seamless connection via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2, and Bluetooth, opening up endless possibilities for your audio enjoyment.


Multi-Room Compatibility

A Captivating Encounter.

A convenient way to link various Pantheone Audio products together across your home so that you can enjoy a more potent and individualised music listening experience. With the ability to link a number of Pantheone products using the Pantheone app, or use any other device that is supported by Airplay, you can create multi-room functionality. Connect to your Pantheone app using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplay integrations.

A fully immersive listening experience. Effortless and breathtaking at the same time.
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Technical Specs


What our
customers say

Absolutely Fabulous Product
Steve Rush - 2020

“ I took delivery of the Pantheone yesterday and set it up firsy thing this morning - I’m absolutely blown away by the quility of sound, I’m no audiophile but it is absolute perfection to the ear.

I’m working in our kitchen/dining space which is fairly large and the Pantheone has demonstrated it’s range, power and versatility across radio/spotify and my own varied musical tastes. It is nothing short of awesome.”

They look amazing and sound amazing
Michael Cross - 2020

“I’m very impressed with your professionalism and care. I really do appreciate the extra yards you guys have gone too for me.

I’m sure I will be purchasing another one or two speakers from you in the near future. They look amazing and sound amazing. Great work!”

I can feel the craftmanship
Marjolaine Leray - 2020

“It is always a real challenge in design to create a bold product which improves our everyday life.  

I am so impressed and thankful for the new Pantheone sound system in my home, it adds to the space and the sound is beautiful. I also like that though very modern you can feel the craftmanship and I love the story behind this design..”

Glad I gifted it to myself... And the family
Ivan.C.Levy - 2021

“Great sound and stunning design, love it! Glad I gifted it to myself...and the family.”

Andrew Wyer - 2021

“Our Pantheone arrived today, and we have it set up and playing. Thank you so very much, this is the most elegant, beautiful technology it has been my privilege to own.”

Incredible Product
John Goldstraw - 2020

“So glad you put so much research into it, love it like a kid.”

Owning a Masterpiece
Tim Evans - 2020

“This speaker is truly a masterpiece. Aesthetically beautiful and equally as technically impressive. The quality of the sound and acoustics is really amazing. No matter how load the speaker is played, the clarity and balance is kept. Pantheone has captured the art of balance with this device!”

The sound is mind-blowing
Grant Campbell - 2020

“I want to say how impressed I am with the product, its beautiful, and the sound is mind-blowing.”

Three Stories North - 2020

“We have lots of different audio in our home, hard wired in every room. None of them sounds like the Pantheone. What an incredible masterpiece. I can’t wait to translate this through imagery to my audience.”


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Pantheone I - Black

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