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Our team at Pantheone Audio shares an uncompromising commitment to hand-crafted quality, purposeful design, and meticulous engineering. We are driven by one simple challenge: to create products that are as ingenious as they are beautiful.
The Brand
Based in Sydney, Australia, we work with a global team of passionate creators, designers, and engineers. We strive to create products that are not just high-performing audio devices, but true works of art, fusing form and function at their purest to achieve a seamless blend of beauty and technical excellence.

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Brand Pillars


Music is one of the purest forms of art. Pantheone Audio sets itself apart as a brand that celebrates the unequivocal talent and passion that exists worldwide through the stories of artists near and far.


The Pantheone Audio products take on a sleek and sculptural form, allowing them to live harmoniously in a gallery, at home, or amongst any of their interior surroundings. The very concept of our products strives to challenge the traditional ideas of today's technology by being inspired by the organic forms found in nature while focusing on the engineered curves and edges found in architecture.


The relationship between sound and space is at the very core of our brand. We design products that breathe symphony into any of their surroundings with beautiful acoustic clarity. State-of-the-art engineering not only informs our products but also fuels our passion for expression through creativity.
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