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Inspired by the organic curves and natural lines found in nature and architecture, Pantheone’s handmade sound systems are not only a work of art but are designed to enhance superior sound quality. Pantheone speakers blend the beauty of art and nature with exceptional sound to create sound systems uniquely suited to you.
The Brand
An Australian-born brand with a team that spans across the globe, we believe in the power of art to create a phenomenal sound. Working with our team of passionate creators, designers and engineers, we strive to create products that are not only high-performing speakers but true works of art. Pantheone allows you to immerse yourself in a world where innovation meets aesthetics and technology merges seamlessly with artistry.

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Brand Pillars


Artistry is at the heart of everything we do. Pantheone Audio was born from the belief that technology and art can harmoniously co-exist to create something extraordinary. By elevating audio as an art form of its own, each speaker is designed with integrity and innovation. Pantheone Audio speakers are for the artists and creative, those who see things differently and appreciate it all.


Form is the embodiment of our commitment to exquisite design and functionality. At Pantheone Audio, our speakers are not mere devices; they are functional sculptures that seamlessly integrate into your living spaces. We strive to challenge the traditional ideas of today's technology by being inspired by the organic forms found in nature while focusing on the engineered curves and edges found in architecture.


We understand that the true essence of a speaker lies in its ability to immerse you in the purest audio experience. The relationship between sound and space lives at the core of our brand. State-of-the-art engineering not only informs our products but also fuels our passion for expression through creativity. Immerse yourself in the sound.
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