Obsidian - Black

Powerful, Compact Sound System

Encased in a handmade resin cabinet. Inspired by the semi-precious stone, the Obsidian is a compact, portable stereo speaker with superior sound quality and a long-lasting, 15-hour battery life. Fitted with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities, sound meets form and function.


Superior Sound Quality.

The Obsidian was born from a vision to create a stereo speaker built with equal attention placed on the interior and exterior. Driven by a powerful DSP-controlled amplifier, a high excursion mid-bass driver is placed in a bass-reflex chamber creating an impressive bass result for a cabinet of this dimension. The two tilted Hi-Fi silk dome tweeters provide a high-precision stereo sound with clear and detailed high frequencies for precision and smooth music reproduction.




Move With You.

With WiFi and Bluetooth functionality, and a long-lasting, 15-hour battery life, the Obsidian is easy to transport, allowing it to easily move around with you. As a piece that comfortably lives in every space, you’re free to move the Obsidian between rooms allowing it to play music when connected to power or using the battery.


Form & Function

Sound Sculptured By Art.

Inspired by the stone with the same name – a natural element created when volcanic lava is cooled. Like the stone, the Obsidian sound system is created from handmade resin, living as a sleek, minimal design to function as both a speaker and piece of art in your home.



Live Harmoniously.

Our speaker systems seamlessly integrate with your existing audio setup or home decor. With integration to Apple Music, Spotify, and Alexa, you can stream through to one or multiple speakers at the same time. Connect to Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 and Bluetooth for endless enjoyment.


Multi-Room Compatibility

An Immersive Experience.

A convenient way to link various Pantheone Audio products together across your home so that you can enjoy a more potent and individualised music listening experience. With the ability to link a number of Pantheone products using the Pantheone app, or use any other device that is supported by Airplay 2, you can create multi-room functionality. Connect to your Pantheone app using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplay 2 integrations.

A fully immersive listening experience. Effortless and breathtaking at the same time.
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Obsidian - Black

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