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Part Sculpture,
All Sound

The Pantheone I is a bespoke and autonomous work of modern art – combining exquisite reproduction with minimalist design and bringing you sound that can be seen, felt and heard.

Inspired by Timeless Design

Inspired by the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome, the sculptural form of the speaker allows for depth of sound and exquisite reproduction. The innovative curved shape also provides excellent rigidity and robustness, enhancing the speaker’s acoustic wave technology and offering the user a 360° immersive experience.

The Delicacies in
the Details

Simple, yet powerful. Innovative, yet alluring – this is what a sound system should look and feel like. The Pantheone philosophy blends sound, form and function at its purest to deliver the highest audio engineering standards.

Art for Your Eyes,
Ears and Soul

“We were driven by one simple challenge – to create a product as ingenious as it is beautiful. That not only fills a space with sound, but provides an immersive experience using all of our senses.”

– Oren Adani, Founder and CEO

Harmony in Every Line and Curve

Music inspires artistic expression, and the Pantheone I injects creativity into any environment, Whether it be in a gallery, art studio, design collective or personal living space.

Flawless Function

The Pantheone I is intuitive to use and caters to a wide audience through multiple control points. It features two powerful built-in woofers, loaded in a bass reflex chamber and placed in a diametrically opposed configuration to enhance the mechanical vibrations and listening experience.

The cabinet's symmetrical design offers stereo sound filling the room from every corner, with two tweeters and a hifi mid-range driver on each side.

“Hello, Alexa?”

The Pantheone I is the largest and most powerful Alexa-compatible speaker on the market, allowing for a world of endless exploration at the mention of just one word. Play music, schedule alarms, control your smart devices and more from anywhere in your home.

Award-winning Design

Red Dot Jury
"Pantheone I captivates with its sculptural design,
which makes it an exceptional
art object and the highlight of any room."

A Host of Features
At Your Fingertips

Download the Pantheone app and turn your phone into a remote control to access the system's flawless features – from voice control to multi room player, sleep mode and more.

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