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Designed For
Sound Visionaries

The evolution of music formats and built in streaming solutions, like Amazon Alexa voice assistant feature, has allowed us to offer you more home automation integration. Easy to use via voice, phone, tablet or app to manage multi room speakers or multi source use.

Play With Sound

Download the Pantheone App to to turn your phone into a remote control and access your multi room sound system's fantastic features - voice control, multi room player, sleep mode and more.

Multi Room Dimensional Harmony

Create your own sound experience by placing multiple Pantheone Audio speakers in different rooms. Use the Pantheone app to synchronise the same music to play throughout or select different playlists for each room and individual Pantheone speakers. The choice is yours.

Streaming Neverland

Access your favourite songs from one source. From Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Pandora or any other source, the Pantheone app allows you to organise and access all your music from one place.

"Hello, Alexa?"

Listen to your favourite cooking playlist, set reminders and more, all the while busying yourself with the things and the people you love most. All thanks to the built-in voice controlled Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Set Your Mind At Rest

With its smart timer and alarm feature, rest easy knowing that Pantheone has you covered, at all times of the day, or night.

Continuous Streaming

Whatever your music streaming choice, Pantheone I speakers will play it. Integrated with a wide selection of streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and more.